5 November 2012

Movember 2.

I realised that I haven't even written up my Halloween post! However I was in London on Friday visiting my friend who moved down, and then spent Sat/Sun in Cambridge having smoochie boyfriend time :) I am back in Glasgow now feeling refreshed and eager to get blogging again!
During the weekend I decided to stop being a moany skint face and decided to spash a bit of money ... I managed to allow myself a whole £25! I am over the moon with these bags though! Totally worth it, and it felt SO good to be buying something new! Its been months! I cannot wait to have a full time wage again!
Still sporting my Movemeber Tash! Picked up these sweet bracelets in Topman so I will be wearing it until the end of the month. Its going to look amazing with my fancy shmansy dress on Thursday.
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x