7 November 2012

Movember 3.

Jacket Charity Shop (Primark Kids)
Top Topshop
Bracelet Topman
Today pretty much consisted of the weekly shop, aka forcing my mum to go to ASDA cause all thats left in the house is oreos and tins of beans. But my hair has been up all week. This bouffant is really easy and fast to do but looks like its taken a while. Its always good to look as if you've made an effort.
I've had this top (dress on me) for ages, like 2 years. One of my friends wore it to college and I had to run to Topshop after college to get it. The tree pattern on it makes it ideal for Autumn without having to stick to dark colours. I always think this shade of pink goes really well with blonde hair.
Tomorrow I am off to a fancy shmansy party in Glasgow. Its smart/casual ... I hate that what does it even mean? So I have to decide what I am going to wear to that, I'm sure amongst 12ft of wardrobe I will find something.
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x