9 November 2012

Movember 4.

Shirt Primark
Skirt I made :)
Belt Urban Outfitters
Bag Topshop
Bracelets H&M & Topman
Eugh. The quality of these photos is terrible. Taken on my phone as I left my camera at home,  running an hour late as usual! My best friend invited me to the Glasgow Hilton's 20th Birthday Party last night. A night of best friends, free booze and goooooooooooooooood food, what a life, we've all decided we need rich husbands ... or just a best friend who works at a marketing company. It was lovely yesterday was a horrible day so it was nice to take my mind off things for a little while.
The event was "Smart/Casual" I hate this at events. What does it mean? Stop being annoying and just tell me what to wear, send example photos, something! Eugh.
I wore this, which was I think a happy medium. I am growning to love this skirt and I am going to make another one soon and stud it. I'm also HATING my clip in extensions, I like the length, but I can't go back to the clips. Pass me the glue ...
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x