14 November 2012

Movember 5.

Trousers H&M
Top Primark
Hat New Look
Jacket Zara
Necklace Primark
Bracelet Topman
Bag Primark
Shoes New Look
Ahhh I hate using the flash on photos, but its getting too dark too early now not to :/
This was what I wore for a night to the pub to celebrate my friends birthday. I actually wore this to work but without the hat and flat shoes, and a vest instead of a bandeau. My clothes are so inappropriate for work. I think these trousers are the perfect example of how things suit people differently, I'm a size 6 and these trousers do nothing for me! Proof that just because your a 6 you can't pull anything off.
In other news this clutch from Primark is my new favourite bag ever! Get one before they sell out!
Tomorrow I am going to an event in Glasgow! So I'm very excited to see all the Scottish Bloggers :)
Might get a wee cheeky Pinto before it :) YUM!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x