17 November 2012

Movember 6.

Coat H&M
Fur Primark
Hat H&M
Leggings H&M
Necklace Topshop
Bracelet Topshop
Bag Primark
Shoes New Look
This is what I wore on Thursday night to the NYR event. I was running so late as usual despite sitting about all day. I ended up going for something casual on comfy as I have had a pretty tough week and I just wanted to be relaxed.
I'm embracing the hats right now, I think its because my hair is shorter if I have a hat no one looks at the hair. But, what is it about wearing a hat, and every bugger wants to wear it, NAW!, its a hat! Not a bloody rare diamond or something, its a hat, you see them all the time, plus its MY HAT, for MY HEAD.
On Thursday night I headed into Glasgow for an Event at Neal's Yard Remedies. The Glasgow store is in Merchant Square, and I'll admit that I had never noticed the store before so just in case you haven't either you know where it is now!
I'll also admit that I didn't know too much about the company either, all I knew was that they are cruelty free and organic, brilliant! So I was excited to discover something new. The store is like walking in to some sort of Alice in Wonderland Storage space, tons of blue bottles and jars to sniff and touch. Thousands of different smells so you can chose what you like rather than being stuck with liking a products but not loving the smell as much.
The products are a little out of my price range at the moment, however, my friend is expecting a baby in April and I was having a look at the mother and baby section and I will definitely be popping in to pick her up some stuff. I think when someone is pregnant they get a lot of stuff for the baby, but its lovely to treat Mummy and since its organic its a million times better than something packed with chemicals.
I have also found a NYR miracle product ... the facial wipes you can see above. I'm sure they are £5.50 and I thought "Bit steep for baby wipes" (Seriously am I the most white trash blogger ever?) Since using them for the last two nights though, I'd happily pay it. They feel amazing when you put it on your face and my skin is feeling incredible, seriously, I have never felt so good taking my make up off, I can't rave about them enough.
Thank you to the lovely ladies at Neal's Yard for having us.
We had a lovely night and learnt so much about a wonderful company!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x