21 November 2012

Movember 7.

Coat River Island (Ebay)
Leather Jacket Primark Kids (Charity Shop)
Top Topshop
Skirt H&M
Belt H&M
Earrings Primark
Boots Barratts 
This was last nights outfit for The Pokey Hat Jeffrey Campbell Launch Fashion Show.
I will have a full post on the show tomorrow :)
I had a mad panic over what to wear to the show! I knew everyone would be in their JCs, but unfortunately my teeny feet don't fit them. So I opted for my own Alfie Boots :) Its actually their first sober outing! They held up well, considering I was sitting down for like 2 hours ...
I got this pencil skirt for £7 in my last H&M sale raid! I do love a pencil skirt and I think they are great for winter to keep your thighs a bit warmer. I wanted my legs oot, but its bloody freezing so this was the best of both. The top is a "boobs oot" number and one of my favourites. I'm not blessed with big chebs but its doesn't bother me as it means I can get away with stuff like this without boobs being in your face ... unless they fall out. Which has happened.
Why was I ever going to sell this coat? I love it. Its bright yes, but the shape of it is just so amazing and everyone always comments on it ... still on the hunt for the red version.
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x