27 November 2012

Movember 8.

Top Lefties (Spain)
Shorts H&M
Necklace Primark
These Pictures have turned out so bad, I hadn't realised I left the lights on! None the less its a post. Been away a few days, had a bit of anxiety over the last week so when I wasn't at work I was in my PJs.
I just wore this to work today before heading in to town to do some Christmas shopping. Its a really boring outfit LOL! But these shorts are gorgeous! The seam down the front makes them look so much more expensive than they actually are, I think they only cost me about £14.99. They have a very "Caroline Channing" (2 Broke Girls) look about them! She will be my future inspiration when styling these shorts! They go with shirts, blouses, camis, shifs, T-shirts! They can be kept casual like this or wore with bare legs if you wanted to wear them out. I would have happily paid 3x what I did for something this versatile!
This necklace has been round my neck everyday since I got it. Its currently on sale from £6 to £3 ... seriously Primark stop raising prices! At least until I have more money!
Tomorrow I am getting my hair cut as it badly needs it! Going to see if she can do something about these hair extensions cause they are looking a bit thin and limp :(
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x