21 November 2012

The Pokey Hat.

Last night I was invited to The Pokey Hat's Jeffrey Campbell Launch Fashion Show in Glasgow.
I was really excited because it seems like there are 101 beauty events but hardly any fashion ones!
The show was being held by The Pokey Hat founder Jennifer Welford in celebration of Jeffrey Campbell shoes being launched in store! With clothes from The Pokey Hat, Stay Sick, Once Upon a Time and Claudette.

JCs are huge right now. Last night it was said they are the shoes that are defining our generation and I completely agree. I used to think they where a little clunky when I first seen them on Lookbook years ago, but they have really grown on me and now I'd kill for a pair! As you can imagine everyone was out in them last night.
The show was wonderful! All the clothes were amazing and not to "Fashiony" I could see people wearing them out, which I what I love to see in a collection. I also felt like the clothes appealed to so many different styles of people. Sometimes you see a collection and its only a certain type of person who would wear it, but last night the collections very versatile. Floaty pretty dresses! some grungy stuff! leather! lace! fur! Something for everyone.

I also loved the hair and make up styling. Sometimes it can be over the top and not fit in with all the collections so I think the sleek ponytails were a genius choice that worked well with every piece of clothing!

All in all a wonderful first show, well done to all involved I really enjoyed it!

Going to all these fashion shows and seeing all these amazing normal girls following thier dreams and starting up thier own fashion companies really inspires me to get off my lazy ass and do something. I once heard a Glasgow designer say that she had opted to stay in Glasgow and help put it on the fashion map. A great idea!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x