13 December 2012

BPC 1.

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Ive had a busy week this week, on Monday I headed to The Monkey Bar in Glasgow for the Scottish Bloggers Christmas party! Ive been excited about this for weeks and it did not disappoint!
I don't know about anyone else but even though I do love a good brand event, I much prefer blogger meet ups (and no, not because I can get more drunk at them!) but they are just always sooo much fun!

As always I was running so late and was left wearing the most inappropriate December shoes in the world! I hadn't planned what I was going to wear but when I seen one of my Facebook friends had worn this to her work Christmas party, I decided to steal her style.I wanted to be sparkly but still in black because of my hair colour, so the outfit was perfect, minus the bare legs.

The party was brilliant. Since I knew most of the girls it was such a chilled out night! We chatted about the usual bloggy stuff, twitter rows, blogs we love, products, the cruelty free debate and of course our cats. There was also a raffle filled with tons of goodies to raise lots of mullah for Women's Aid Scotland. Which works to help woman, children and young people in Scotland affected by domestic violence.

I didn't win at the raffle, I never do, but I don't mind when it went to a good cause, we raised £190 in all,
well done bloggers :)

We also had a secret Santa! Which was a barrel of laughs. I got a lovely wee box of beauty goodies :)

Thank you to the very wonderful Roisin, Gillian and Claire for organising the party, well done girls it was an absolute ball!
I hope you Edinburgh girls are making plans? I'm crashing the Aberdeen one in March ;)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x