27 December 2012

Christmas Time.

Top H&M
Skirt H&M
Coat Topshop
Jacket Primark Kids
Belt Primark
Necklace H&M
Rings H&M
Bag Primark
Shoes EBay
This Was what I wore to Christmas Dinner. Having spent a wonderful morning travelling from house to house in a skeleton onesie I thought I'd better make an effort for dinner. Since it was my baby cousins (and her mums) first Christmas in Scotland it was a little different from any other year and was special. It was also the first Christmas that Alan and I got to spend together which was even better :) hes home for 3 weeks so I am soaking up every minuet of it!
This Neon yellow suede vest was right up my alley! It was £30 which wasn't great considering its like 1/2 my weekly wage but I absolutely love it. Since its almost put me in debt I will make sure I wear it all the time. It is quite versatile though. I would wear it with most things and its a statement piece in its self so it doesn't need much to make it better.
Wearing this skirt again, no longer worried that I won't find anything to wear it with. Sandals with tights?! I hear you shudder, in Scotland its needed!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x