5 December 2012

I smell Chanel.

So apparently there was some big fashion event up at Linlithgow Last night?
You know it, I know, my mum even knew about it!
The Paris-Édimbourg Métiers d'Art 2012/13 CHANEL show!
Chanel in Scotland! Honestly I still can't get my head around it.
Everyone was buzzing about it, talk of Brangelina and countless celeb rumours, I'm sure if Kate hadn't been ill then there would have been rumours of royalty. I couldn't give a fuck quite frankly. I'm more interested the show itself and have been waiting patiently all day to see it. 
Chanel is undoubtedly the most iconic fashion brand in the world. I seriously don't know anyone who doesn't like Chanel. It doesn't matter what your style, the pieces are classic and timeless. They are investment pieces and will never go out of style. I think this is the secrets of its phenomenal success, above any other fashion brand, but that's just my opinion.
 I wonder how surprised Karl was by how cold it was? Huge respect for all those who managed to sit through the show and the models for walking it, I can't imagine it was easy in minus temps, but thats dedication, and I doubt it would be done for anyone other than Chanel.
Its easy to see why Linlithgow was chosen, I'd never seen the palace before but watching it is just the most incredible place. When I think of traditional Scottish fashion, I think; Tartan, Tweed, Feathers, Wool, Dark Colours, Heavy Fabrics, Bonnets, Scarves, Pleats! The show Incorporated all of these, with a few modern twists such as the classic flap bags and Chanel jewellery and some modern trends like sheer fabrics and sparkly wool.
Ever single piece was individual without looking like they came for different collections. The collection surely inspired by medieval fashion and Scottish royalty. Awww I just loved it, so different and a lot darker than any other Chanel show I've seen but the whole thing worked better than I ever thought! The location, the models, the collection, the show! Just utterly perfect!
I love that Chanel came to Scotland! For years Chanel has sourced fabrics from Scotland and worked quietly with Scottish Fashion houses, most recently saving jobs at Barrie Knitwear in Hawick by buying the company. A wonderful thing to save such a small yet vital company that doesn't deserve to be lost forever. Last nights show has highlighted just what Scotland has to offer the Fashion world. Not just in terms of Tartan and fabrics but to show the world, HERE WE ARE AND WE AS JUST AS FASHIONABLE AS YOU GUYS!
I've been saying for the last few years (and no one believes me) that Scotland is going to make it onto the fashion map, in Glasgow alone so many fantastic designers are emerging and staying based in Scotland as apposed to moving to London, retail wise Glasgow and Edinburgh are becoming the homes of so many huge fashion brand and these cities are catching up on London fast!
I'm so excited right now!
I never really do posts like this because I have this huge issue with using other peoples photos in case I upset anyone or don't reference the photos properly, so here is a video from Youtube and you can find the original source!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x