29 December 2012

New Weave.

A week before Christmas I got a wee pre Christmas surprise, and I decided to spend it on some new hair extensions. Long time readers will know I have wear clip ins then recently tried keratin bonds. I loved my clip ins but decided to give the bonds a wee try for my summer holidays. I really liked the bonds. They felt like my real hair, they were easy to maintain, they were comfortable and despite all the horror stories were very easy and safe to remove. (IF YOU DO IT CAREFULLY AND PROPERLY) The only downfall for me was that once they had been in a while they started to matt, no matter how careful I was it eventually would matt, and I just found it so uncomfortable. It wasn't painful or itchy, it just really bugged me!
So what next? A weave!
I've had a weave before and really liked it. Weaves are very safe and help natural hair growth, but they are very expensive to have fitted and can be painful at first. I managed to find a Classy Curls in Glasgow who would fit mines for £50. Which was just to fit the wefts of hair which I took myself. I went thinking I was getting a braided weave, but what I actually got was something I had never heard of before ... a micro weave. Its basically tracks of micro loops in your hair and then the weft is sewn threw the micro loop tracks. (2nd Photo) Its amazing! Weaves can be quite painful but this was absolutely pain free! (I think in part though because I'm so used to the weight) If its the first time you are getting a weave it may give you a headache but 2 paracetamol and your sorted! Its also really easy to fix once the hair grows out, I just have to go back and get them tightened, sweet no removal and re fitting! So you can keep them in for as long as your hair is in a good condition.
Weaves are definitely becoming more popular, I think because people want something more permanent than clip ins and so many people are actually scared to try bonds or have had a bad experience. Micro loops are also a great alternative to bonds but again its just the matting that drives me crazy.
I can do everything with my weave that I can do with my hair, curl, straighten, dry, wash and dye!
This is it completely unstyled, so tomorrow I will add a better picture of it finished off!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x