31 December 2012

Outfits Of 2012.






I posted one of these posts last year and I really enjoyed seeing all my favourites from the year, so I thought I'd do it again. This isn't all my posts just some of my personal favourites.
Its interesting to see how my style has changed ... except it hasn't ... I always say I have no particular style, and I still agree with that. I just kind of wear what ever feels good on the day depending on my mood.
This has been the year of changing hairstyles. My hair has been every shade of blonde on the palette, its been pink, ombre'd, full fringe, side fringe, curtain fringe! Its been clipped in, glued in and even sewn in! Will I ever be happy? Its also been in a bun A LOT. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to whoever made the bun a trendy!
Its also been the year of much less shopping. Buying less wearing more to quote Gok! I went from having a £800+ wage to making just about £500, so shopping took a major hit, but in all honesty, its been wonderful. This year I have managed to cut down my shopping and I have stopped letting shopping control my life. My name is Paula, and I was a shopaholic, but I'm getting there :)
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x