18 December 2012

Ugleee Boots.



Shirt Sainsburys
Top Topshop
Jacket Charity Shop (Primark Kids)
Skirt I Made
Necklace Topman
I have fallen in love with my pink hair! Since the colour has settled a little and its a more candyfloss colour I just love it! But .... its back to blonde on Saturday. I'm getting my new hair extensions fitted and unfortunately its just too much effort to keep the hair pink in the long run :(
I don't ever wear these boots outside the house! But my house is so cold I couldn't take them off, so just thought I'd give them a wee mention. I've had them for years, I don't even remember where they are from. They cost me buttons yet the heels have never slipped and the soles have never fell off! I wish I could remember so I could get more!
Is leather on leather acceptable. I got this jacket in a charity shop in Edinburgh (I think) and I really love the shapeless style of it! Its got some little silver studs and when I got it I was planning to add some bronze ones. I have this thing were I can't wear gold jewellery with silver accessories and vice verse. I think if I add some bronze studs I won't be stuck to silver jewellery, another DIY job for after Christmas.
When I first made this skirt I hated it, but now I wear it almost everyday and get really proud when someone asks me where its from and I say I made it. H&M have a dusky pink pleather skater but the skirt is way too big and comes out too much at the sides, so the plan is to make another with pink pleather ... then perhaps add some studs ;)
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x