23 January 2013

CF Myths.

Since I have a day off today and no money to do anything I thought I'd write up this post dispelling the myths about switching to cruelty free cosmetics.
Myth 1: "I'll need to throw out all my make up"

When I first went cruelty free I didn't see the need to waste all the money spent and make up left in my make up bag. So rather than throw it all out I just kept it and then once it was done, re bought only cruelty free stuff. Theres no need to waste all the products, theres also no rush to go Cruelty Free, take your time if you need too.

Myth 2: "Cruelty free means more expensive"
Deffinately not not not true :) I am the queen of cheap and cheerful and there are so many inexpensive cruelty free brands. (MUA being my favourite!) I don't really understand how people can justify £30 blushers, but I'm not a make up whiz so it all just looks the same to me. You'll probably save a fortune because I don't know a lot of CF brand that cost as much as MAC. But like I say I'm no make up whiz.

Myth 3: "Cruelty free means bad quality"
Again, definately not true. Just because something is £20 doesn't mean its any better quality. Example, Topshop make up is made in the same place as MAC yet MAC is much more expensive, and everyone raves about the Toppers stuff.

Myth 4: "Its too difficult to go Cruelty free"
It is hard a first, not because its hard to find alternatives, just when you love a product and use it all the time its hard to get rid of it because your scared something new won't be as good as your current one. It does get easier once you get ove that initial bit and its so exciting when you start finding new products and brands!
If you are thinking about going cruelty free the most important thing to remember, No one is perfect. You do what feels right for you going Cruelty free. Sometimes I have used products that I have thought were cruelty free and then found out they weren't, unfortunately companies are not always honest, making it harder for us. So don't feel bad if you make a few mistakes along the way, at leatse your trying.
For a full list of Cruelty Free brands you can head over to the BUAV.
Sweet Dreams
Paula x