23 February 2013

Bran Does DIY 1.

These posts are a little different, after months of bickering with my mum about decorating my room she has finally worn me down.

These posts will go through how my room looked, how it turned out and what I did to jazz it up.

The main aim of this is to downsize my room and get rid of all my unneeded junk. aka 12ft worth of wardrobe space, I'm being suffocated by clothes.

In the end I want the room to look a little more modern and girly, but not overly pink. I,m keeping the main colours blue, white and pink for the moment, but in all honesty I'm hoping to find some nice green accessories and have it green and pink,  my two favourite colours.

I also have to accommodate two pets that I share the room with, one who has quite a big cage.

This is my room before.
These are some bits I've already picked up to decorate with.
Jewellery Hangers EBay
Mirrors B&M Bargains
I'm currently knee deep in clothes while the building is being done and its driving me crazy!!
It will all be worth it when its done, I hope.
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x