8 February 2013

Hearts vs Stars.

Jumper Primark
Jeans Primark
Plimsolls Primark
I wore this to work yesterday and I just couldn't really be bothered, so I just thought I'd use the opportunity to show you these pieces. I got this jumper a few weeks ago, I doubt they will have any left because there weren't a lot and this was the only one in my size. They probably sold out because Topshop had some similar ones. I do prefer this on though. I like the darker colours and the fabric is much thicker than the Toppers one, so it actually is a jumper. I wear it quite a lot as its so cosy. It looks great with a white shirt under it too if you wanted to style it up a bit more. You could also buy it a few sizes bigger and wear it more casually.
The jeans are just new in and I bought them straight away. I'm not really a jeans person. I have like 2/3 pairs that I've had for ages. I had a pair similar when I was a kid from the Mary - Kate and Ashley range and loved them, so these reminded me of those and I had to have them. I'm not sure how everyone else feels about them but I love them. They are a little lighter than I'd prefer but I'm over it.
I know I'll get asked so, my eyelashes are from ... Poundland ... 2 pack.
I have some good news too ... I GOT A NEW JOB! :D
I'm still in my job for another few weeks and start my new one on the 11th March.
I can't bloody wait. Its just a sales assistant job, but there are lots of opportunities to move up so hopefully I will, fast. I'm looking forward to a change and new friends new challenges and very very excited to have a disposable income again!!!
2013, you are going to be my bitch.
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x