18 February 2013


Like most people these days, I'm pretty much lost without my phone. My first smart phone was a Blackberry that drove me crazy because the software was terrible. After battling with it for two years I decided to join the rest of the world and get a touch screen. I got a Samsung and loved it, for the most part, I much prefer having a keyboard for typing. However, in a fit of rage I launched my phone at the wall ... I know, I know! So recently I just bought a wee HTC Cha Cha, it does the job and combines the touch screen and the qwerty keyboard. It will do the job for now and then when I upgrade my contract I will go back to a Samsung.
I was recently asked to review some mobile phone accessories, and seeing as I had a new phone I thought why not? I was sent the adorable wee ICrayon. Its basically a touch pen, but its a bit kitch and works really well. I had a wee pen before for my Samsung, but  it was rubbish, fair enough it only cost me £3 but I was still disappointed. The ICrayon is much much better though and works just as well as my own fingers! Ideal for winter when you can't use your fingers and ideal for me for texting, I have wee fat fingers and I am rubbish at touch screen texting. Since the Cha Cha has a qwerty keyboard I haven't used the ICrayon for it because its just easier using my fingers. It is compatible with tablets though too and I have been using it with my tablet which I find so so much easier as with my fingers I am always hitting the screen accidentally and mucking up the web pages. With the pen this isn't an issue, therefore no throwing tablets at wall. Hurrah!
The ICrayon is developed for Iphones/Ipads but obviously is compatible with android phones too, which is what my Cha Cha is. I really love my wee ICrayon and it will go great with my new tablet that I'm getting for my Birthday ;) but I am going to buy my wee cousin one too, I think they're great for kids because they are like we crayons which they will like and it protects your tablet from sticky fingers, see I don't even have a wain but I know my stuff! ;)
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x