5 February 2013

New Joab.

Shirt River Island
Dress H&M
Belt Primark
Hat H&M
Coat H&M
This was my outfit for a job interview I had today in Glasgow. I won't tell you where, for 2 reasons:
1: Only idiots disclose where they work online, you say anything bad and your company sees it, your done.
2: I have heard stories about people actually asking bloggers to get them freebies/discounts from their store/company, not OK!

What I will tell you is that its still in retail and I'm very very excited.

I was originally going to wear this dress, trusty old interview/smart dress, but after doing some research online about the interview process for the store I went for this violet dress because it just popped! My hat was also a smashing idea since as soon as I got off the train the heavens opened! I wanted to wear something comfortable yet striking in case I had to do any running about at the interview.

It was a group interview and I never know what to expect with them. This is only the 2nd group interview I've ever done and it was much better than the first. I think the last one I went to just wasn't right for me because they people where not the same kind of people as me, so they where probably much more suited for a job there than me. Which is a good thing to take from an interview, I've had a few interviews now were I haven't got it and then been relieved afterwards because I've known that that job just wasn't right for me.

This interview however was great, all the other interviewees were so friendly and welcoming and all wishing each other good luck and there was no sense of intense competition. Everyone seemed to really be cheering each other on. There was even one girl who I hadn't spoken to whispered "Good Luck I hope you get it!" which was really sweet, I have no idea if she got the job I was trying to hang back and see.

So, did I get the job?
Tell you later :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x