20 February 2013

Spending Boom.


Jacket Primark
Trousers Primark
Top Topshop
Necklace Primark
Shoes Primark
Hat H&M
Today I went a major shopping spree, post break up melt down you might say. My mum went mad because its my birthday this week and I'm not supposed to be buying myself stuff ... I got loads of stuff and I think I'm only taking some of it back. Lots of spring things, I'm a bit sick of winter now and looking forward to bright colours and light fabrics.
I really love cigarette trousers right now, none ever fit me and today I had to stitch myself into these, but I still love them. I love the masculine shape but you can keep the fabric and colours light and instantly its more feminine or if you keep it dark it looks very smart but still chic. These are a great tanned colour and while I added black to it I'm on the hunt for a matching blazer to go with them. Tanned ones are a great colour to go for if your not too sure how to wear them because it goes with anything.
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x