1 February 2013

Still Pouring.


Dress USC
Earrings Primark
Ring H&M
Belt Primark
Whoo finally back in the Bloggy world. Its just so difficult working 5 days a week because I'm usually running late so don't get time. The last few nights however I've been organising my make up and outfits for the next day so hopefully I'll manage to get myself some time in the morning for photos. I'd prefer all out door shots, but for now this is it. Until my room is done and I can secure a white wall.
I got this dress in the Jan sales, and the colour and tie die is just lovely. I don't know if its a very "me" thing to wear, but I like the shape and I think the dark colour means its good for winter, but the light fabric is good for summer too. Yeah, its a great happy medium depending on how you wear it at different times.
Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x