8 March 2013

Bran Does DIY 2.

I didn't realise it had been so long since I last posted, the time has just flown by, which I suppose is a good thing considering pretty much most of my life is changing! New single life, new job on Monday and a new room!
Is taken me about a week and a half or emptying my room, painting, building furniture, choosing everything to decorate with and then re filling and organising it ... thank god its only one room I'm bloody exhausted.
Its mixture of old and new furniture and a whole new wardrobe system to house and showcase all my clothes rather than struggle trying to fit them all in.
(The inside of the pink one is still to be painted with a blackboard paint to make a note board)
Everything is now on display and I can easily see whats what so I'm hoping it helps get me dressed earlier in the morning and will help me use everything I have rather than the same old stuff over and over!
I'm very happy with the way its turned out, I can't believe I chose everything and it came out OK! It feels like its my perfect space were my clothes are the focus but its still warm and cosy.
... there is no space for the rabbit's cage so shes moved house to my sisters room :)
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x