28 March 2013

Meat Free Week.

Last week I went Veggie for the week as it was "Meat Free Week" I promised my friend I'd give it a go since shes veggie and I'm constantly asking her about it so she said to try it.

I have my own beliefs about meat. I only eat free range and try to make sure I eat humanly killed meat. I believe that animals are here to be eaten. Which is why I'm not veggie. That doesn't however mean I think animals should be tortured for meat. If you could eat only meat that died naturally, I would.

It was a little hard to give up meat, I swear all I thought about was having a roll and square sausage! But thankfully it was easy to identify veggie suitable food (if only cosmetics wee that easy) I also learnt loads that I didn't already know about veggie food. I didn't know that stock was meat ... wait for it ... I thought stock cubes were just additives that created a taste, I didn't realise they contained meat. There are also types of yogurt which aren't suitable for veggies! and crisps! What?! Why do yogurts need to have meat in them, it seems really pointless.

So what I have taken from going meat free?

Well I didn't realise just how much meat I ate, its very unhealthy. So I am going to cut down on the amount of meat I eat and opt for more healthier alternatives. 

I now don't eat chicken nuggets, only Quorn Nuggets. I am going to eat Quorn chicken style stuff (I really can't taste the difference between that and real chicken, its amazing.) I'm going to avoid foods that don't need to have meat in them, like Haribos and certain crisps. I'm also going to replace beef burgers with the Linda McCartney burgers! 

All in all I enjoyed the experience and learnt that just because your veggie, doesn't mean its all salads!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x