14 March 2013

Polka Dot Daft.

Shirt Vintage
Skirt I Made
Belt H&M
Shoes Zara Kids
I started my new job on Monday and instead of preparing on Sunday night I suddenly got the urge to sew, and I made a skirt. Priorities eh? Then I didn't even wear the bloody skirt. I got the fabric for it at a jumble sale I went to on Sunday, I got a few wee bits and bobs from it but mainly stuff to use for fabrics, so watch this space or lots more DIYs. The jumble sale was crazy, old school rumaging through tons of stuff to find anything, and it was 10 items for a £1!!!! You can imagine how much fabric I've brought home.
I think the skirt will be great for summer, I dunno what it is about polka dots at the minuet but I love them. You can see I'm still in spring colours ... its snowing in Glasgow for god sake, springs not coming anytime soon.
I am working right through until Monday and I don't know if I will be posting, I'll try but I'm just wearing sweats to work just now since we are only just setting up the store and all doing 12 - 10 shifts so basically knocked out when I get home, its going to be so worth it though!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x