29 May 2013


You guys might recall a few months ago I done a wee blog post for Mallzee.com.
Well the site has since soft launched and I thought I should let you guys know just what its all about and why you should sign up now! Right Now!
You know that thing where you can't decide what to wear to an event, or you have something but you don't know what will go with it, so you ask your friends for advice. Well Mallzee is a bit like that. Fashion meets Social Media.

Mallzee allows you to create your own wardrobe using the brands signed up to Mallzee. You can add friends and chat about your wardrobe, what looks good with what? what should I wear with this? The important questions we all struggle with before a big night out.

Mallzee will also recommend items they think you will like based around your wardrobe (As if your need more encouragement to shop!) ... but heres the BEST bit ... Mallzee will pay you to shop! You will receive Mallzee Dollars whenever you shop through Mallzee, and you can use you Mallzee Dollars to shop more, the more you shop the more dollazzzz you earn! Brilliant.

Some of my favourite brands to sign up are ASOS, Forever 21, Motel Rocks and Urban Outfitters. There are loads more to choose from.

Ive signed up! So now you guys should too :) and if you sign up, my readers will get VIP membership, which means you get access to give aways, special discounts and early access to even more exciting stuff!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x