21 May 2013

Sports Luxe.

Dress H&M
Top Topshop
Belt River Island
Necklace Vintage
Earrings Razzle Dazzle
Rings H&M
Shoes Primark
This look is probably as "sporty" as I'll go. I do love the whole Sport Luxe style! I think because I really like laid back comfortable fashions. I like basics and I am always mixing them with strong accessories and more embellished pieces.That's the trick. Think about it. Black baseball cap, meh. Black baseball cap covered in diamonds, yey!
So that was my thinking here, mixing my casual basic dress with this fancy top and accessories. Keeping it casual with my gutties (Plimpsoles for all you non Scots) and jersey dress and Jazzing it up with the top an my accessories. I really liked this look, I don't really think the pictures do it justice to be honest, I took them in 5 mins before I ran for my bus.
Gotta get myself a photographer boyfriend ...
and one of those embellished baseball caps ...
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x