25 June 2013

Boho Bran.


Dress Forever 21
Necklace Dorothy Perkins
Ring Dorothy Perkins
Bracelets Primark

Todays outfit is very boho! To the point were a wee old man called me a hippy in the middle of Sauchiehall Street. I love this dress because its kind of ugly. I like ugly things that no one else likes. The shapes a bit weird, the colours don't compliment each other and the wee mid drift gap is weird. Yet I love it. Not the perfect attire for running clothes up and down flights of stairs all day though.

Today after me real job I have been doing some work for my internship, which I promised to share with you today. I want to get a proper post up about the company and what I've been up to since starting, I'll work on it and let you guys in on it. I've really been enjoying planning everything I'm going to be getting up to over the next three months! It seems like loads and loads right now, its a bit scary, but I know these 12 weeks are going to absolutely fly by, and so far I'm loving it so I know I will enjoy every second!

I finally feel like everything is falling into place and nothing is fucking up 
... then along came a boy. Shit.

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x