10 June 2013

Bran Went Bald.


So the big day has been and gone!

I have loads of photos and videos, but my computer is getting fixed yet again! But my little cousin made this wee collage and it pretty much sums up everything you need to see.

On Friday night my friends and some family came over to see the main event. I was so excited for days and I think they all expected me to cry or something, but I felt fine! I was just so happy get that manky hair off my head! We ended up shaving it much shorter than intended because it was so hard to get the colour out. But in about 2/3 months I should have a wee pixie cut. Since I won't be touching it with heat/colour/products, hopefully it will grow really quick and healthy and hopefully LONG! 

I have a wig which I got from L.A Hair Solutions in Glasgow. Its just a long blonde wig, quite like my natural hair should be. It should last me about 2 years, by which time hopefully my hair will be looking luscious! I can tong it, wash it colour it just like my real hair, but I can't put it up in a bun or anything like that.

My head feels great, its such and odd sensation to run my hands through my hair and not have it be long and full, I kind of like it though, I feel really clean and fresh. I'm loving it so far, its by far the best thing I've ever done!

Theres still plenty of time to donate here
Thank you to all those who already have, I really appreciate it so much! Its been so lovely that my readers have supported me and took the time to give a wee donation!
So far I have just shy of £500, which is going to do so much good for Help for Heroes, Rape Crisis Scotland and The Little Princess Trust!

Thank You so much!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x