11 June 2013


Poncho Forever 21
Headband Primark
Jeans H&M
Sandals New Look

This was what I wore on Sunday for a night out after work. I really wanted to get a photo of this outfit because this poncho is just so amazing I had to share it before it sells out. I've obviously wore it with jeans but it would look amazing bare legged too, especially over a swim suit!

Thank you guys so much for all the wonderful comments you've passed on about my hair shave, its so sweet and I feel so supported, even though I know its a bit mad!

I've had such a wonderful weekend this week, the suns been shining and I've been out everyday with my friends, its just been great to be with them and feel like myself again. I feel content for the first time in years! I thought being single would make me miserable, but honestly ... its the best thing thats ever happened!

Please life, be decent and keep getting better :)

Sweet Dreams