18 June 2013

Co Ordinates.

Top and Skirt Firetrap at USC
Necklace H&M
Rings H&M and Forever 21
I do love a co ordinate! I wish I had more, anywhere doing any nice ones right now? I got this one in the Christmas Sales but yet haven't worn it till now. I got so many compliments on it today, which was lovely, I was quite surprised because some people can take co ordinates one way or another, but I suppose as this looks more like a dress people are a little more accepting.
Trying something different with my wig, trying to avoid washing it so that I'm not washing it too often, so I'll wear it like this for a while. I'm hoping if I wear my hair like Tamzin Eggarton long enough I will morph into her. Heres how I did it.
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x