30 June 2013



Dress New Look
Sunglasses Ray Ban
Bag Primark
Shoes Zara 
Bracelet Internacionale
Rings Internacionale and H&M

I've had this post up a few days, but I was busy with work so got lazy and left it blank. Thought I'd come back and sort it.

This was what I wore to take my mum and wee cousin out shopping. She had a party and we were hunting for a dress, believe me its hard work with a 12 year old! It was the last day we seen any sun :( Its been back to normal Scottish summer weather ever since . Its a pretty simple outfit, just comfortable for wandering around. This dress is years old and was featured on one of my first few blog posts, way back 4 years ago!

My blog turned 4 years old on Saturday! What! Where has the time went! I am so chuffed, I never thought it would have lasted this long! Its you guys that keep it going though! I done this for a year with no followers, but you guys make it so much better, the comments, support, opportunitiess I have got from my followers is amazing! Its got me thought some dark times too! Thank you for continuing to follow, it means so much to me!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x