19 June 2013

Gothic Hippy.


Dress H&M
Sandals Tammy
Headband Primark
Necklace Dorothy Perkins
Ring Primark
The sun is still shining, which is always lovely! Its nice not to have to wear tights!
I got this wee dress in the sale yesterday. I've seen it in the shop for a while but didn't think it would fit, but then I tried it on and - of course, when I'm skint! - it fit. I love the bat wing sleeves, so 70s! Then because its black its also a little gothic! I think I could wear it loads so it seems like a good investment piece, hmm it was really cheap so maybe not an investment piece a wardrobe stable? maybe thats more appropriate. Anyways I will wear it loads, another little black lace dress to add to the collection.
I'm back on the job hunt. I kind of settled for a while since my new job has been keeping me entertained. Its only a sales job though so its not the career I'm after. The hours are good though so its always better to look for something when you have something else! Now that I have something that is bringing me in money and that I don't hate, I feel much less pressure to panic about that dream job. It will happen, just need to keep looking and trying.
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x