4 June 2013

Little Blue Flowers.

Dress Primark
Shirt Sainsburys
Necklace Vintage
Earrings Primark
Shoes Zara
I'm really loving Scotland and this glorious weather we've been having! Admittedly it would be better if I wasn't cooped up in work all day but no matter, means I get to wear all my summer stuff!
I got this dress the other day, I just fell in love with the colours and I feel like the little cut out made it look much younger, because sometimes you think floral and you think granny, but not this. I just think its a brilliant we dress that can be worn to anything! Like I wore it with the shirt for work but you could turn it from that to anything really depending on what you add to it.
If your not into the whole cut out bits, Forever 21 have one that is REALLY REALLY similar but without the cut outs.
I'm still raising money for the big Bran Goes Bald head shave!
Its on Friday :D I'm SO EXCITED! Currently sitting at about £300 which is amazing but we can do better! So please dig deep guys give what ever you can and its going to 3 wonderful charities and people who truly deserve it!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x


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