12 June 2013

Oh Booze.

Top Topshop
Shorts Primark
Necklace Vintage

This is what I wore to work on Saturday, I had been out on the Friday and working at 8:30am, so can you tell I'm still fucked in these photos. Not a good look but you know, your only young once! Fair to say it was a brutal shift ...

I got this wee crop last week and I love the sleeves on it, its a very flattering neckline and a little more interesting than a plain T shirt crop. I wore it with my shorts and it ended up a nautical themed outfit. I'm trying to think of anything else I can wear it with? 

Also, basic tube skirts. 
Where can I get them? in a size 6 or smaller? 
The Primark ones where so long and loose at the knees.

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x