3 June 2013

Why I'm Going Bald.

Back in March I was making my way in to work when I made a big decision. A really big decision, well for me anyway. You know when you think about something and you instantly know its the right thing to do, a "Ping! Light bulb" moment. Well that's what this was. I immediately phoned my best friend and told her about my big idea.
I made the decision to shave all my hair off.
Pretty drastic, I know, but I've thought about it on an off for years, then suddenly on this dreary Sunday morning in March, I got brave.
I promised my friends and family that I would think about it for a while before deciding, which I did. I've thought about it for months, spoke to loads of people about it and done my research. Truth be told though, my mind was made up that first day.
I just figured I had nothing to loose, but I made my pros and cons list.
My real hair is ugly/dead/won't grow.
I'm sick of wearing hair extensions, and I don't want to wear them all my life.
There are no good cruelty free hair dyes, I won't pay for animal tested ones.
I'm single, therefore I don't need to worry about boyfriends and what they think.
I can take my hair back to its natural colour.
I might FINALLY get my hair back to its former glory before I started messing with it.
My hair won't be dead due to colour/heat/products.
It will grow back.
I can make a lot of money for some great charities in the process.
My hair will be shit for a while ...
The Pros way out weighed the cons, so I thought, why the hell not. I have nothing to lose.
So something that's started off as purely selfish "Make Over" has turned into something really rewarding. I've decided to ask people to sponsor the big shave and donate the money to three wonderful UK charities! Why not do some good in the process?
If you would like to donate you can here!
If all my followers donated a wee £1 that would be a whopping £459!
Thank you so so much to anyone who does and to those who already have!
The money will make a huge difference to so many lives affected by War, Rape/Sexual Violence and childhood cancer!
I will be shaving my head this Friday (7th June)
but my page is open till the end of the month!
I will be doing a few follow up posts to this post and please feel free to ask any questions!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x