22 June 2013

Working Bran.


Dress Vintage
Shirt Sainburys
Necklace Vintage
Ring Vintage (My Dads)
Shoes New Look
Yesterday I was having a lazy lazy day ... then something quite wonderful happened. I had applied for an internship a few days ago, but hadn't heard anything, so I wrote it off as just another failed attempt, but then I got a text asking if I could make it to an interview as there had been a cancellation. 3 hours to prep and get ready for an interview AHHHH! I was so nervous because I usually prep for interviews for days so having only an hour or so research was a bit daunting. 
This was what I wore for the interview, I obviously wanted to be smart but always try to put my style across, the company I was interviewing for is Vintage inspired so I liked that I was wearing vintage, although I didn't realise that almost all of it was vintage. I bought this dress in a charity shop a few weeks ago and altered it completely, I put some shoulder pads in and nipped it and hemmed it and its turned out great ... even if I did look like a bit of a school girl.
But more on that later!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x