12 July 2013

Hair Update 1.


It has now been 4 weeks since I shaved all my hair off, so this is just a wee update to let you see how its growing. 

I'm going to try and get a new post up every month for at leaste the first year. Then I can run it all together and then hopefully I will feel good about how its growing in.

So far I'm really amazed at how long its grown in the four weeks, I really hope it continues to go this fast. Its growing in really dark, which I hope changes as the sun bleaches it, but once its long enough I can always get it coloured, properly this time, no DIY dye jobs!

I'm not using any products in my hair, nothing but water, I don't know how much of a difference its making but it feels so so so soft!

The wig wis going really well too, I'm loving how it looks and its so easy to style and wear everyday. I have learned how to put it up to for when I might feel like a change. 

I will be sending out all the money rasied to the charities at the end of the month as I still have to transfer some money through, but at the moment I'm just shy of £500, which is insane! Thank you so much to anyone who donated/shared/tweeted the cause!
I really appriciate it! If you would like to donate you still can here.

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x