5 July 2013

I'm Adam West.



Top Primark
Skirt H&M (Dress worn as skirt)
Belt Primark
Sock Primark
Shoes Converse
Rings Edinburgh Dungeons and Primark

I don't show it too much on the blog I don't think, but I am super hero obsessed  I have tons of comic book stuff, I had to be talked out of buying an Iron Man onesie this week ... because I had already bought a Spiderman one ...

I was so excited when I got this t-shirt in Primark of all places, cost me a belting £6, whenever I'm looking for superhero or band t-shirts online they are sooooo expensive o this was an amazing wee find! Think they had a superman one too, but I don't like Superman. I matched the grey tube skirt to keep in with the whole early Batman theme, nae Dark Knight stunts. I wore my converse with my wee socks last week and just thought it was really cute, think they keep the whole geeky theme going.

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x