14 July 2013

Inspired by Bee.


Top Topshop
Skirt Topshop
Necklace Vintage
Bracelet Vintage
Belt H&M
Shoes New Look

This skirt was totally worth almost bankrupting myself for. I had £54 in the bank on Friday, and I stupidly went in to the Topshop sale ... bad idea Bran! I was literally in the fitting room, on the floor, purse emptied trying to scrape together a £1 out if 5ps because my purchases came to £55. I did have a pound in 5ps. I regret nothing.

 It was in the sale and I just fell in love with the colours and the shape. Its such a great staple piece for my summer wardrobe. I'm already thinking of tons of stuff I could wear it with. I think I could wear it right through summer and autumn, but I'm not sure how it would hold up in winter.

I also got this coat in the sale. I'm a sucker for Neons, and I know its a while before I will need it, well I hope, but isn't she just gorgeous!

Sweet Dreams 

Paula .. x