22 August 2013

3 Shades of Gold.


Co Ordinate Primark
Vest H&M
Necklace Primark
Ring Vintage (Its My Dads Good Luck Ring:)) 

 I seen this amazing co ordinate in the Primark A/W preview campaign and knew I had to have it! I was just popping in yesterday to find a belt when I seen it! Its the end of the month and I am absolutely skint, yet I still manage to go in to Primark and emerge £60 worse off with no idea what just happened ... not that I am complaining this time.

The pink and red roses really pop out again the black background and the shorts are just the perfect length, cut off at just the right part  of my leg. I have a works night out next week and I think I will wear this, this time with bear legs and my wee Chelsea boots, lets just hope the weather is nice enough!

I also think the wee jacket will be great with all black jeans and t shirts too, or with a wee basic dress to make it more fancy!

Ohhhh I love this suit! <3 span="">

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x