10 August 2013

Ms Pearson.


Shirt River Island
Trousers H&M
Hat River Island
Rings Camden Market
Shoes New Look

Excuse the mobile photos, went to set up my camera today and it was out of battery, so mama Bran was roped in to help out! Shes done alright for a first go.

Yesterday I managed to hunt down faux leather jeans, they were only £10 and they will do me all through winter. As they are jeans coated in a faux leather shine they are really easy to move in, and no restrictive like my leather trousers... and thankfully no Ross from Friends moment.

I am in love with my new shoes! I'm gutted to have only found them late in the summer, but I reckon in Autumn with woolly socks I will still be able to wear them, also going to get them in brown.

Wearing leathery trousers, heels and a hat were not a good idea for work! SWEATIN!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x