4 September 2013

Forever in Neon.



Coat Topshop
Shirt Forever 21
Waistcoat Forever 21
Jeans H&M
Necklace Matalan
Rings Primark and Forever 21 

Remember that really hot week we had in July. Well thats when I found this coat. Madness but I have been absolutely itching to get it out and in the fresh air! I have said it already I want winter to hurry up! A statement I'm sure I will regret greatly soon enough.

I got this shirt a few weeks ago, and I know. Its a lot of neon, but you know if you keep the colours neutral then I say go mad with it! 

I'm hoping to really throw myself back into the blog. My internship is almost over, so I will get that time back, plus an extra day since I now only work 4 days instead of 5. Its getting dark though which is always a nightmare for photos. BLOGGER PROBLEMS!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x