28 October 2013

Ill Fortune Clothing.

I am continuously on the look out for new upcoming Scottish brands and designers. I always live in the hope that one day we, especially Glasgow, will be much better known for our style and fashion. We are an incredibly stylish city.

Recently I learnt about a new upcoming fashion brand, which I found very intriguing and instantly wanted to share it with you guys!

Ill Fortune Clothing, the brain child of Jamie McKinlay and Ross Lawrie, started in May of this year and was officially launched in August after the guys secured funding from the Princess Youth Trust. 

The goal for their collections is to create garments instantly recognised for their 80s and 90s inspired theme. Which I'm sure you'll agree, they definitely do.

"People love to remember the past and we want to provide an opportunity for people to wear this on their garments"

Which is so true, I may be a bit biast because I love the 80s and love anything inspired by things like "Saved By The Bell" or "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air", I can't resist neon, but people do love things that remind them of the past, happy memories, better times.

I'm expecting good things from Ill Fortune, I think their designs are very unique and instantly memorable, yet simple enough that they do not limit who will want to wear them. They have both menswear and womens pieces, but everything is unisex these days, so definitely something for everyone. 

They also have awesome beanie hats!

With prices starting at just £9.99 everyone can get in on the action, this week, on the 25th of October Ill Fortune launched on ASOS Marketplace so head over and check it out, because like I said, I can only see it getting bigger and better.

Sweet Dreams