19 October 2013

I'm Clueless.



Shirt Primark
Riding Pants H&M
Scarf Vintage
Necklace Primark
Shoes New Look

Trying out some new styles with the wig now that I have my fringe to cover the undersides of it. I don't usually like my hair in braids but this actually turned out nice and like I said its nice to have a wee change.

I wore this to work yesterday, didn't realise I wasn't wearing a top underneath until I was on the bus, but no one in work noticed so its all good. Got this shirt a few weeks ago. I love this one and wear it all the time so when I found a white one I was over the moon. I also thought I could channel Cher with a wee crop under/over. How long ago was clueless and shes still a style icon!

On Monday I start at work as a personal shopper for a week. I AM SWEATING! I obviously applied for the job and I wouldn't apply for something I didn't think I'd be good at or couldn't do, but now that its here I can't shake the nerves! Ahhh!

Sweet Dreams