14 October 2013

New Everything.

Shirt Primark
Cardigan Primark
Jacket Primark
Leggings H&M
Hat River Island
Necklace Matalan
Rings Primark and Forever 21
Bag H&M
Boots New Look 

I didn't realise until this moment just how much I missed blogging.

I've been quite on and off recently, obviously. I have no problem sharing my ups and downs with you guys. I've been so happy the last new months, the happiest I've been in a long time. This month however ... my heads a bit all over the place. I feel like I've suddenly been hit with all this motivation and inspiration and absolutely nothing to focus it on. I've sent myself in to a bit of a manic panic in all honesty. I'm just trying not to freak out and putting my anxiety down to that and the fact that a lot has changed for me this month. My job being the only thing that's remained the same ... lets just say I am NOT excited for Christmas in the retail world ... except for the big post Christmas wage that comes with it ... 

So whats going on then?

Well ... I have done the unthinkable (for me) and joined the gym! Since February I have gained 1/2 a stone ... which is a lot when your as tiny as me, and I can see where it has went. For the first time in my life I can't bare to look at my body in the mirror. Which is very odd for me as I've always been very lucky that I've been quite happy with how it looks. Don't get me wrong its faaaaaar from perfect, but I was happy so didn't care. Now however its really really getting me down. So I have joined the gym and I'm going to get rid of this wee excess and tone up! So far so good. I've cut the junk down, eating better and been doing my exercises (I'm in a lot of pain) but I'm feeling so positive about it! I just hate this attitude people have, just because you are a size 6 doesn't mean you have to love your body, just because your a size 16 doesn't mean you have to hate it. I'm not happy with how I look at the moment, so I'm fixing it. Simple.

Next up, I have started messing with my wig already. I went and got my fringe put in! I'm very happy with how it turned out. I feel like it looks like me again, and it will keep my head warm in winter. I have also ordered some hair extensions and I'm going to give them a wee ombre with a twist. You'll see. Never happy am I?

Work wise I'm still just plodding along, although I have started to apply for more "Grown Up" jobs. Trying not to get the fear this time and just forcing myself to go for things and not panic about it. A lot of my anxiety comes from stressing about my career so to combat this I'm trying to look into more options just as a back up. I finish up my internship soon and I'm looking into the next thing. I think something in events is the one. I'd be awesome at that. 

So the big one you guys (if your anything like me) might be interested in ... boys. 
Well ...  There may be a boy. I'm not ready to tell you guys much about it yet. Just that its very very early days and maybe one day I'll share him with you guys. But I'm really happy :) Do we have like a certain time when you should share the boys on the blog? If you decide to share them on the blog.

So I think you guys are all up to date!
This month I hope to get back in to a regular schedule, but I have lost my SD card for my camera so its just mobile photos for now. I do have an SD card fund on EBay though; PLEASE BUY MY CLOTHES. I also hope to get to more blogging events, especially fashion ones, and see my blogging buddies a lot more! Met a few of the girls a wee while ago and had such a wonderful night, I have really missed it. 

Sweet Dreams 

Paula .. x






Blazer H&M
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Dress Primark 
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Hat River Island
Bag H&M