31 October 2013

Pale Again.



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Happy Halloween! My favourite day of the year! I actually haven't tried my costume on yet ... but I will Instagram it tonight to let you all see!

 I got my "Little Red" coat in a charity shop for £5 a few weeks ago, I've been hunting for one for ages and after taking the shoulders in and shortening the sleeves, its perfect!

I'm on holiday from work this week, and well, its been pretty boring. I've chilled out though so I shouldn't complain. Yesterday I was bored of being trapped in so I went in to town to do some shopping. I ended up only getting a few bits though, again, you can see them on Instagram.

Don't forget I have a Paul Mitchell Giveaway! here! Only had a few entries so far so enter! You have a good chance and its a great prize!

Sweet Dreams