27 November 2013

Danger, Cosmetics To Go.

On Monday night I was invited along to Lush on Buchanan Street to attend a wee blogger night to celebrate Lush's first book: "Danger! Cosmetics to Go"

The book tells the story of the rise and fall of the company that preceded Lush.

I am about to start reading the book tonight and will let you all know what I think, I'm very excited about it and the artwork is so gorgeous I could just sit and flip through it for that alone.

We met with the staff at Lush and talked all things bath bombs, creams and miracle products. Then we got the chance to talk to Author, Mira Manga about the book, who was just bloody lovely. She talked to us about why she wrote the book, how she wrote the story, her style of writing and we learnt a little about her life at Lush. Which, you know is a lot different from a lot of blogger events I've been to but it was so interesting, I was loving it.






The lovely author Mira Manga, with her baby ;)


I'm so excited to try out my goodie bag goodies! 
Especially the shampoo as my sister RAVES about them, but I'm still torn. I haven't shampooed my hair since June, so I'm not sure if I even want to start shampooing again (I can hear my sister from the other room whispering "No Don't Shampoo" so she can have it, nice try Tojo) but I'm going to mull over it a few days before I decide, its really hard not shampooing because its just habit, but I just want my hair to be natural. I was a nice big sister and gave my sister the bath bombs, I'm not really a fan of bath bombs, I've had issues with them in the past, BUT the lovely Sam at Lush showed me a few that will be safe on my skin, so those ones are on my list to Santa!


The Book is available from Lush stores now, only £19.95 

(a great gift idea, Wink! Wink!)

Thank you so so much to all the lovely staff at Lush and Mira for inviting me along! I had a great night and the staff put on a wonderful night!

Sweet Dreams