12 November 2013

Movember 12th.


Jacket Primark
Top Forever 21
Skirt River Island
Necklace Primark
Ring Camden Market
Shoes New Look 

Ahhhh I hate everything at the moment! Especially the shitty shitty lighting in my living room! and my shitty light mascara that makes my eyes look dead. I need a heavy one, cruelty free brands only, help guys? :( I also feel like I need something that's going to tighten up the look of my skin, it feels so saggy ... down to the booze no doubt, oops.

I got this wee top last week and I wasn't sure how much I could wear it with but this look came together quite well I think! I felt like it had a wee french feel to it, and surprisingly I wasn't too cold as the skirt has a really great fleece lining inside, which is nice that the faux leather doesn't stick to your legs. 

I bought my first Christmas present today!
Only 6 Sundays to go! Wahhh!

Sweet Dreams