10 December 2013

CHICKS Wish List.

CHICKS is a rest bite charity which helps the provide breaks for under privileged children who might not get a break at any other time of year!

These children come from all over, they can be victims of abuse, neglect, poverty or even full time young carers.

Respite charities are wonderful. I have a member of my family who is heavily brain damaged, and my mum and aunts are always raving about how much the rest bite charities did for her as she was growing up. Both giving her a great fun time making happy memories, but it helps their families too, sometimes it gives them that little bit of rest bite that they need.

Its a wonderful way for people to donate their time to help others, the volunteers at these kinds of charities do a fantastic job and make such a difference to peoples lives, that I'm sure they don't even realise just how much it helps and how much people appreciate it.

So when I was searching for ways to help CHICKS this Christmas I found that they have a Christmas Wish List of things you can send over that they can use for their Christmas breaks!

"Christmas should be a child's favourite time of year but for many it's a time they dread - that's why CHICKS will be holding special Christmas breaks for disadvantaged children.
The breaks will be named 'Sleigh Ride' and 'Snowball' and will run from 23rd - 27th December at our retreats in Devon and Cornwall. With the support of our wonderful volunteers and CHICKS staff, we aim to give these children the magical Christmas every child deserves full of festive fun, games, presents, food and friends."

So I plan to send over a few goodies from their wish list which will hopefully give everyone a great day! Its easy to just pick up some wee bits and bobs and send them off and it will make a huge huge difference to the experience for the kids.

It was so easy just to go to a shop and grab some wee bits to send off, as you can see I got some Christmas themed stuff and party stuff, its not much but hopefully the kids will have fun and you know, if everyone who sends stuff sends a little it adds up to a lot!

Sweet Dreams