6 December 2013

Christmas Jumper Day.

This Friday the 13th there will be no talk of black cats and spooky goings on, its all about CHRISTMAS JUMPERS!


Save The Children have dubbed this day, Christmas jumper day! Everyone who is anyone will be dawning a jumper for a festive day of cheesy Christmas fun all in aid of a great cause!

All you have to do is make a wee donation to Save The Children . Get everyone involved, my work place are doing it and we are all donating £1 and wearing our jumpers, so the more people you get involved the more money your raise and the more fun you have.

If you don't have a jumper there are loads and loads to choose from, here are some of my favourites!

Primark £12



I will try to get some fun snaps from work and let your see us in the Christmas spirit!

Sweet Dreams